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Join the Kingdom Care Senior Village (KCSV) to experience a network of support and various member-only benefits.
Don't live in the Ward 8 community, but are interested in joining a Village? Check out a list of other villages in DC. >> Learn more




"Village Vibes" Newsletter 

Members, look for the latest issue of "Village Vibes" in your email (or spam junk email folder). If you are not currently receiving Village Vibes emails, please notify us to request technical assistance.

See our events section at the bottom of the website for current events.  Sign in to your account and register for all events. 





How can a KCSV Membership Benefit Seniors?

Do you need help completing paper work, scheduling appointments, sorting mail, in-home repairs? Would you like assistance registering for resources provided by DC Government programs? 

Perhaps, you would like to have a KCSV Volunteer perform a periodic well-check call or visit, or someone accompany you on a doctor's appointment or trips to the grocery store? The Kingdom Care Senior Village provides various services for its members. Join us today if you would like to benefit from the help of a KCSV Volunteer. >>Join now


Are You a KCSV Member in Need of Assistance?

The Kingdom Care Village volunteers are here to help! Some areas in which KCSV offers assistance include: grocery shopping support, support with completing legal documents, help with scheduling appointments, access to government resources, cell phone, laptop, and other technology services support, and more. 

We want to hear from our members? Let us know what you need.





See the events section at the bottom of this page for additional details. Click on the event title to register.  If you need assistance, please contact


*KCSV Wellness Walkers is a monthly activity and is open to the public. Join us at 1770 Tucker Rd. Ft. Washington, MD.

See the full listing of events below, and check out our special events in the latest edition of Village Vibes in your email inbox.


General Event Registration

KCSV Members, Ambassadors and Age-in-Place Participants, you may register to attend all events by signing into your KCSV account by clicking the "Sign In" button on the left at the top of our website. Next, choose your event at the bottom of the screen. Then select "Register" on the next page. You will receive an email notification of your registered event.




Coronavirus / Vaccination/ COVID Test Resources


FREE In-home COVID-19 Test Kits Are Now Available Online! Visit: . One request per address


KCSV Members and Volunteers: If you have an immediate need for a COVID test kit, please email us at


DC Health provides in-home booster shots and COVID-19 testing. Call to schedule an appointment at 1-855-363-0333.

The CDC advises everyone to continue to wear a mask. There is still a risk of transmitting the virus, even if you have been vaccinated. 


"Let Your Light Shine Through Volunteerism"


Home door mat



Unlimited Rides for Veterans

July 15 - Sept. 30, 2022

The free ride vouchers are for any location within the District, and select medical locations in MD or VA, seven days a week from 6am - 10pm.  Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available upon request. 

For enrollment call:  202 - 724 - 4010



The Kingdom Care Senior Village is looking for you! 

If you would like to partner with KCSV as a Volunteer, we would love to hear from you!

We are seeking both established service providers and volunteers to support the administrative team of the Kingdom Care Senior Village. Do you provide home repair, auto repair, in-home support? Are you good with administrative tasks, or perhaps, you enjoy event planning? 

Please contact us at to express your interest and provide a contact number where you may be reached.    




See the Age-in-Place Resources below and visit our Age-in-Place DC section of our website for more resources such as free medical equipment, free internet service, free cell phone service, free transportation, meal delivery and more.

>> Visit Age in Place DC - KCSV


Genie's Love Grocery Delivery Service

Are you in need of a free delivery service?

Mr. Justin Morris, Founder and CEO of Genie’s Love is here to help!

Once an order is placed online, Justin or a member of the Genie's Love team will deliver your grocery order to your home. This service is currently free of charge as it is in the trial phase and is currently being offered to the KCSV members and our Age-In-Place DC Ambassadors and seniors. Currently serving all Washington, DC communities.

Visit the Age in Place - DC page of our website for full details


Website: Visit to place your order



Are You in Need of Transportation?

 If you are a Ward 8 resident and your travel destination is within Wards 1, 4, 5 & 8, contact the Kingdom Care Senior Village for more details at






Age in Place Tips

Tips on making your home safe and accessible presented by the National Institute on Aging Read more >>


DC's Senior Care Pet Connect

Would you like to interact with pets? To combat senior isolation, the District of Columbia has partnered with the Humane Rescue Alliance to provide seniors with the opportunity to connect virtually or in-person with pets.  If you or someone you know is interested in enjoying regular interaction with pets, please contact the Department of Aging and Community Living at


Food Pantry (Open to Public)

& Food Delivery for KCSV Members

Location and Hours of operation:

814 Alabama Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20032

Every Tuesday
9:00AM until 10:00AM

Kingdom Care Senior Village follows current CDC and local city guidelines. Masks are required.



Online Shopping & Delivery with SNAP/EBT Benefits 

Use your EBT Card to shop online at many local stores, such as Aldi, Walmart and Amazon Fresh (no membership required for Amazon) and have your grocery delivered to your door. Select your store, visit the website, and create an online shopping account. Add your grocery items to your online shopping cart and check out using your EBT card.



2022 Safe at Home Income Qualification Guideliness



Help support KCSV and its seniors through your generous donations. Click the link above to donate.