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Kingdom Care Senior Village




Kingdom Care Senior Village (KCSV) is a member-based organization of adults (60 years and older).  KCSV was established to bring friends, neighbors, and communities together for support and assistance of senior adults through various activities, home visits, the Senior Care Buddy System and individual support according to the need of each member.

KCSV is unique in that we’re a community that’s a FAMILY. We are a place for senior adults to grow and learn (maintain vitality); a network of support from other members and volunteers, and a series of activities and services that enhances the lives of senior adults. We will focus on the individual in the community to live a longer and better life, stay healthy, remain independent, stay safe, and have fun.


Kingdom Care Senior Village's mission is to improve the daily lives of senior adults, ages 60 and over, assisting them to age in place through connectivity, companionship and community.


A village is a membership, non-profit organization that is established based on the needs of its members. Villages are needed to improve the population of the aging’s health, independence and resilience to loneliness. Villages are established to assist in making life easier for the aging population in a particular community by helping the aging resident remain in their home as long as they desire. Villages give members opportunities to discuss their issues, share their talent, volunteer, and have a sense of belonging. The village movement started with Beacon Hill Village in Boston, Massachusetts over 15 years ago. Today there are over 200 open villages, more than 150 in development in 45 states and the District of Columbia.


Volunteering with KCSV is a great way to give back, support the community and to use your skills and talents to assist our members. Our volunteers are a vital part of KCSV's  network and success.

KCSV relies on donations from individuals or other organizations to help support our programs and maintain support for our members.

Kingdom Care Senior Village
     Mailing address:
     814 Alabama Avenue, SE
     Washington, DC 20032
     Office: 202-561-5594