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Senior adults over the age of retirement are amongst the most vulnerable groups in the country. Faced with aging, many Seniors have gone from being vibrant and active to going weeks at a time without physical interaction except for an occasional trip to their doctor’s office.  Many have had to give up much of their independence and have been forced to rely upon the support of a larger network due to the aging process.  What happens when there is no available network or support system in place? This is where the Kingdom Care Senior Village volunteers step in.

The Kingdom Care Senior Village is on a mission and is dedicated to fighting loneliness, homelessness and food inadequacy for Seniors. We have one simple goal - to ensure that the KCSV Seniors are able to continue living independently in their homes for as long as possible. 

To meet this goal, we rely upon the support of the KCSV volunteers.  KCSV offers several volunteer opportunities:

Administrative - KCSV staff office support, typing, copying, creating brochures, drafting documents, making phone calls, contributing articles to monthly newsletters, and working with our website and administrative team on special projects.

Senior Support - provide rides for seniors, minor repair services, light organizing, safety installations (i.e. lightbulbs), basic lawn care, pick-up and deliveries, electronic device assistance, meal delivery, and friendly visits. 

Support Services to the KCSV Staff - occasional errands, pick up and deliveries, event set-ups and member and volunteer support services. 



1. Helps prevent loneliness in Seniors. Can serve as an extension of family for Seniors. Oftentimes, adult children of Seniors no longer live in the same    geographic area which can create periods of loneliness and create isolation for Seniors.

2. An opportunity to give back to your community. Volunteerism offers a chance to connect with your community and provides you an opportunity to feel  connected to a greater purpose in life. Statistics show that volunteering lowers the mortality rate by 2.7%. Volunteering provides a sense of connectedness.

3. Gain new skills. Volunteerism helps you gain new skills and gain confidence. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to utilize your current gifts, talents    and skills to help Seniors.

4.  Internship opportunity - Are you pursuing a career in geriatrics or as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? Consider an internship with the KCSV to gain  career experience. This opportunity provides a chance to gain hands-on experience and will help prepare you for an understanding of how to meet basic needs, engage and communicate with Seniors as you pursue your career. Nursing students or students pursuing a career as a CNA may be considered for daytime in-home support roles to sit with seniors, assist with meals, offer casual conversation and provide general assistance as necessary.  Disclaimer: This internship does not provide continuing education credit. However, it serves strictly as an opportunity to receive real-world, hands-on experience working with older adults.

 5.  Creates a sense of pride and purpose.  The Journal of Social Service Research reports that people who volunteer have a higher self-esteem, self-confidence and report having a greater feeling of social connectedness.

 6.  Fosters relationships with Senior adults. Helping Seniors offers a two-way benefit. Not only does the older adult benefit from the time spent together and the services that are provided, but the volunteer also gains an opportunity to connect with someone of an older generation. What a wonderful opportunity to gain wisdom from elders. Seniors have a wealth of knowledge to share with younger adults and oftentimes enjoy sharing stories of their past.