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Kingdom Care Senior Village





The goal of a senior village is to help its members age in place.  Aging-in-place is a term you may have heard over the past few years to describe a way of senior living that does not involve moving into a senior retirement community or an assisted living facility.  The term refers to a support method that assists seniors to remain in their homes as they age. Seniors of today are a much more active and independent group plus innovative developments make staying at home instead of moving a more feasible idea.

One of the most innovative developments in senior living is the “village” model.  It started in 2001 by a group of Boston seniors wanting to find a way to remain in their homes, the concept has grown to over 200 villages around the United States, 13 in our city, Washington, DC with another 150 in the formative stages.

Kingdom Care Senior Village (KCSV) was started in March 2017 – we are as committed today as ever to continue to support seniors who desire village support as a way to age in place. . 

Benefits of joining KCSV:

  1. Connect with a community of other seniors, a support team and volunteers to support and assist you
  2. Engage in appealing and relevant senior social activities to help combat loneliness and isolation
  3. Participate in health and wellness activities - exercise the mind, body and soul to help you stay active
  4. Receive services such as transportation to medical appointments, in-home light chores, access to food resources, referrals to professional services, basic lawn care, meals (special cases),
  5. Access to our Senior Network of Providers (SNOPs) – a group of professional service providers such as electricians, plumbers, handyman services, transportation, culinary, landscaping and others.
  6. Become a part of the village “Buddy” systems – members caring for members
  7. Receive timely information on city support services and special senior initiatives
  8. … and more!!



Kingdom Care Senior Village
     Mailing address:
     814 Alabama Avenue, SE
     Washington, DC 20032
     Office: 202-561-5594